I've had the privilege of working with several thousand ministry non-profits around the world. God has granted me opportunities to share in the work of some of the most incredible people; individuals committed to using their personal giftedness to serve others.

But one of the things I've discovered is that many people like me feel lonely, even abandoned. They love the work but when facing challenges, they've come to learn that most of those from whom they seek help simply brush them off claiming that this is an area of work of which they know nothing.

So development professionals often feel they have been left alone to figure things out on their own.

The most inspiring times of my professional life are when I'm with a group of individuals who have chosen this profession. There's a freedom to share, ask questions, encourage one another, get input from the experience of others, and to garner practical ways to apply time-honoured principles of how to relationally engage others to join us on our journey. I leave refreshed from these meetings, inspired, and comforted in the understanding that there are people in the world who truly understand the issues with which I grapple every day.

It was for this reason that we are beginning the Global Network of Fundraising Professionals (GNFP). The goal is to engage development professionals from around the world in a community where we can share experiences, learn from one another, and engage at a totally different level that is often impossible in our daily life.

Membership in this community is free.

Our web home is: http://bgwdevelopment.com/community is a work in progress as we seek to add new services to those in the network. Free webinars will be offered, blogs will allow us to share ideas, and "live streamed" events will be allow all members to participate in pertinent discussions relevant to the things we do.

In addition there are services that we will offer that have fees attached to them. We will suggest books that you should read, you will be able to schedule personal mentoring sessions with members of our team, and even do live on-line streaming sessions with your leadership team and boards.

Our internationally recognized professional development certificaiton program will also be offered online. This will allow development personnel the opportunity to complete the requirements of this program online at their own pace and at a price so manageable that anyone can do it. We will be granting two professional designations, CDP (Certified Development Professional) and CCME (Certified Church Ministry Executive).

I hope you'll join our network and become a part of the bigger family of people just like you!

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