The Essence of Rationality Outline

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The Essence of Rationality Outline


The Definition of Relationships

Mission is the “Essence of Rationality” in that it precisely defines who we are, what we do, and our purpose in doing it.

I. The Importance of Mission

A. It’s Important to Communicate

B. It’s Important to Validate (Anecdotally)

C. It’s the Basis of Vision and Planning

D. It’s what Brings Us Together in Community

II. An Important Exercise

A. Write It

B. Define It

C. Apply It

D. Be Accountable To It

III. An Assignment

A. Practice on Yourself—Take time to write our your mission statement and write down in quantifiable terms what you intend to do this year to see that this mission is being accomplished as a result of your efforts.

B. Share this with your supervisor, colleagues, and friends.

C. Begin the process of asking every volunteer or staff members for whom you are accountable to do the same.

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