Global Network of Fundraising Professionals (GNFP) Community

Community of individuals committed to building financial sustainability among ministries, nonprofits and NGO's.

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Community Benefits

  • Development
  • Financial
  • Certification

Networking Opportunities

Build your professional network by connecting with new colleagues and mentors

Access to Experts & Practitioners

Read relevant Discussions or ask your personal questions online


Special Savings on Resources, Services, and Solutions


Discounted Member Product & Services

Advance Your Career

Acquire knowledge, build skills, and pass the CDP® or CCME® certification exam

Academic Credit

A participant in the CRD program is eligible to receive Continuing Education Credit (CEU)

More Benefits

  • Regular Updates +

    Join to receive regular blog posts, subject articles, webinars, and tutorials
  • Access to Experts, Practitioners, and Resources +

    Participate in Q&A Discussion, build your personal professional network, publish your opinions
  • Consultations, Advice, and Support +

    GNFP Community may provide a number of support opportunities designed to find a solution for you.
  • Certification Training Program +

    Only members of GNFP Community will have an opportunity to complete CRD courses to receive the professional designation
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Why Should You Join?

GNFP Community is intended to be a place where professionals can learn from one another, share ideas, grapple with challenges, and access a wide range of resources to help expanding your organization.

  1. Build personal and professional relationships and networks
  2. Engage groups of people with common interests
  3. Invite your friends, colleagues, and coworkers into your groups

Interactive Blogs

Our blog allows members of the global community to share their ideas and to respond to regular articles written by others within the community. The BGW Development team will be posting pertinent news relating to our profession and recognizing achievements of those working in the cutting edge of development today.

White Papers

We live in changing times. Demographic shifts and projected losses of donor income over the next 10-15 years will make our work more challenging. An emerging new generation, the largest in world history, looks at life differently than their fathers and grandfathers. White papers will speak to current issues in provocative ways, will expand our vision of new opportunities, and provide critical analysis of new trends.


The Best of the Best

A good idea is worth sharing. Members of the global community will all have the opportunity to share programs that have been developed that engaged others in support of their work. Each quarter we will recognize the "best of the best" and each year we will give a special award to the "best idea of the year."

Virtual Mentoring

Want to meet personally with Jerry Twombly. Jerry is creating virtual online cohort mentoring groups of like-minded organizations. You can join a cohort and get Jerry's counsel, and the counsel of others, on how to grow your organization.



Our team will publish, on acceptance, your book and articles to the entire global community. Articles can be made available at no cost or at a modest fee that will be passed on to the author.

Free Resources

Our commitment is to provide a wide range of free resources that will included printed materials, monthly webinars, and special interviews with some of the leading development thinkers of our time. And most will be free!


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