Fundraisers in Demand!

Salary Survey

The following post recently appeared in the blog: Hard Times. I thought you might find it interesting.

Of all the job functions mentioned in the recently released New York salary survey from staffing firm Professionals for NonProfits, the job of fundraiser looks to be the one in most demand. Though 13 percent of some 500 non-profit respondents – clients of the firm -- said they expected to decrease fundraiser staff, 21 percent said they planned to bring more fundraiser staff on board.

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Our Changing World

Jerry Twombly teaching by drawing

You can imagine my dismay when opening my briefcase upon my arrival in Prague to find out that my computer was missing. Immediate panic accompanied with a sinking feeling in my stomach explains it best! I began to retrace my steps and drew two immediate conclusions, (1) it had been stolen somewhere along the way, or (2) I left it at the security checkpoint during a transition from two terminals at Newark's International Airport. I was able to find an email address for "Newark Airport Lost and Found" and explained my situation and where I believe it could be found if in fact I had failed to pick it up. The next day it was found! Rather than having it sent to my during my travels in Europe, I simply instructed t hat they send it to my home.

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