The Power of Vision

Human Eye with Caption: Power of Vision

I've had the unique privilege of being around a lot of visionaries in the course of my life.

It all started at Word of Life Camps in Schroon Lake, NY in 1960. It was there that I was surrounded by visionaries, men like Jack Wyrtzen, Harry Bollback, and Leon Dillinger. Each of them in their own way demonstrated to this impressionable 15-year-old an uncompromising belief that God could do anything.

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Monumental Shifts that Will Impact Your Organization

Church and Modern Staircase in one picture

I have been in the fundraising business for over 40 years. God has granted me opportunities to work with hundreds of organizations and I’ve been privileged to participate with them in raising multiplied millions of dollars.

There are procedures that are generally accepted in my profession that drive much of the fund-raising process. It’s a universally accepted rule that a large percentage of the money that is raised annually for nonprofits (80% or more) comes from a relatively small group of donors (often less than 20%).

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