Image of The Creation of Adam - a fresco painting by Michelangelo

Development is all about relationships.  The Bible is a relational story.  It speaks to a relationship between God and man that was severed in the Garden of Eden.  From the point that Adam and Eve sinned the message of the Bible explains the steps God has taken to restore that which was lost.

Last week I had the opportunity of ministering to a large number of ministries who conduct their work in Israel.  The meeting occurred on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.  On my first morning there

I woke early and stood at that body of water so rich in biblical history to view the rising of the morning sun.

I thought a great deal about the relationships that began at the same place nearly 2,000 years ago.  I could imagine a fisherman in the midst of the toil of caring for nets looking up to hear the invitation to "come, and follow Me."   I could look to the hills surrounding me and could "see" great masses of people so short on hope in their world rushing to hear more about that kingdom that was "at hand."  I went to Capernum and saw the site thought by so many to have been the place where Jesus preached.  I was at the place of his birth and saw the precipice from which many sought to kill him.

Jesus came and during this blessed season of the year it's good to remember.  Because of His coming and the work He accomplished while here that a relationship has been made possible for all of us.  Somehow that all came together for me last week in a most powerful way.