Jerry Twombly teaching by drawing

You can imagine my dismay when opening my briefcase upon my arrival in Prague to find out that my computer was missing. Immediate panic accompanied with a sinking feeling in my stomach explains it best! I began to retrace my steps and drew two immediate conclusions, (1) it had been stolen somewhere along the way, or (2) I left it at the security checkpoint during a transition from two terminals at Newark's International Airport. I was able to find an email address for "Newark Airport Lost and Found" and explained my situation and where I believe it could be found if in fact I had failed to pick it up. The next day it was found! Rather than having it sent to my during my travels in Europe, I simply instructed t hat they send it to my home.


The absence of the computer, however, limited my ability to communicate on this blog. But here's the summary of an extraordinary trip:

  • Prague, Czech Republic--The first stop was Prague, the magnificent capital city of the Czech Republic. I've been to Prague on a number of occasions and it's always a highlight. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the city is rich in history. I had come to Prague to teach a seminar in organizational development to the executive directors of Scripture Union affiliates in Europe and the Former Soviet Union. There were 25 in attendance representing 18 different countries. We enjoyed two intense days grappling with the unique challenges of building sustainable ministries in parts of the world where incomes are extremely limited.
  • Kiev, Ukraine--I travelled on Wednesday to Kiev to teach organizational development seminars to scores of ministry leaders at the Eastern European Leadership Forum. Folks from eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union were in attendance, nearly 500 of them, to learn how to hone their skills as Christian leaders in a number of different areas. I was one of about 20 faculty members. My sessions included some very interesting people representing a wide range of ministries, all committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus to those to whom they had been called to serve.

The sessions were richly rewarding but even more precious was the time alone with many old friends. Having been in both of these areas several times, God has granted my friendships that have endured for over a decade. The reunion of such extraordinary people was a highlight, their stories sobering, and their commitment to God beyond comprehension.

It was all quite glorious. Thanks for your prayers.