Human Eye with Caption: Power of Vision

I've had the unique privilege of being around a lot of visionaries in the course of my life.

It all started at Word of Life Camps in Schroon Lake, NY in 1960. It was there that I was surrounded by visionaries, men like Jack Wyrtzen, Harry Bollback, and Leon Dillinger. Each of them in their own way demonstrated to this impressionable 15-year-old an uncompromising belief that God could do anything.

They had an incredible passion to share the gospel of Christ to people everywhere and trusted God to do what seemed to be impossible. And as a result of their faith it seemed that they really did "move mountains."

As I grew older I met others with similar passions. Men like Bill Bright, Jim Dobson, and Henry Blackaby. I would be with them and hear what God had placed in their heart to do. Great things have been accomplished, "impossible" things. They were just participants in what God did.

One said, "Don't have a vision so small that God doesn't have to show up!" I heard it and never forgot.

Today I talk to people about their vision for ministry. I'm standing in front of some of the most influential leaders of this generation; men and women who will take the places of those who have preceded them in passing the torch to a new generation. At least 30 of them will sit in front on me in less than an hour; the best the world has to offer.

I'll ask them about their vision. They'll share it with some apprehension, after all it is often one of those "big, hairy, audacious goals" that even sounds funny when you try to explain it. More often than not I'll respond to them with words like, "Your vision isn't big enough. You can do this; you need to tackle something that is so big that God will have to show up."