Salary Survey

The following post recently appeared in the blog: Hard Times. I thought you might find it interesting.

Of all the job functions mentioned in the recently released New York salary survey from staffing firm Professionals for NonProfits, the job of fundraiser looks to be the one in most demand. Though 13 percent of some 500 non-profit respondents – clients of the firm -- said they expected to decrease fundraiser staff, 21 percent said they planned to bring more fundraiser staff on board.

One reason, said Rick Bressler, director of business development, is that good fundraisers “only last three to five years at an organization before they get wooed away.” (And isn’t the idea of being wooed a bright thought in this dreary job market?) In fact, about 60 percent of his firm’s permanent staff searches is for those in the fundraising arena.

As for those looking to make a career transition into fundraising (also called “development”), business types with backgrounds in marketing and communications stand the best chance, he said. His organization takes the time to do informal resume coaching with career changers, with Bressler understanding where they’re coming from as he’s a former Wall Street commodities broker.

Fundraiser salaries from Professionals for Nonprofits:

Director of development – $70-$80K at small organization, $140–$180K at large
Development officer -- $70-$80K at small organization, $100-$110K at large
Special events director -- $60-$70K at small organization, $100-110K at large
Grants writer – $40-$50K at smaller organization, $70-$80 large